BVG- Weil wir dich lieben

You think, Berliners often complain about the weather? Wait until you hear them talk about BVG- the public transport system. 

The fun thing is- when you look at it rationally, the public transport system works pretty well: Trains run very frequently and you can make your way through the city by using public transport 24/7.

(Their free App or Website can help you to find the best connection)

Eventhough no one would admit it: Berliners not only need, but love their BVG – as shown in the video below.

Still, in the few situations, where BVG doesn’t work as planned – like when there is the first snow (which seems to be surprising each winter again and again :D) and the whole public transport transforms into chaos, people love to complain and make fun of this organisation.


Best part: BVG has one of the funniest marketing teams and their often self-critical advertising can be seen all over the city and is simply hilarious.

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