Guten Tag an alle DeutschlernerInnen: Join our Five-Hours-a-Day-in-German Challenge and Track your Progress!


Hello to all learners of German inside and outside our program: Challenge yourself to find out how much time you can spend in language (even if you’re not in Germany).

Our Challenge: Spend at least 5 hours a day ‘in language’ and track your activtities to watch these minutes add up! Feel free to add as many hours as you can. 

Here’s what counts:

ST           (Studieren = all activities related to coursework)

PC          (listen to a German Podcast)

L             (Lesen: read anything unrelated to coursework)

F             (Film anschauen: watch a German movie (Film)

M            (Musik hören: Listen to music with German lyrics)

TV          (Fernsehen: watch German TV online)

Hb          (Hörbuch hören: listen to a German Audiobook)

Sp           (Speaking to the Natives: Sprech-Stunde mit MuttersprachlerIn)

KK          (Kaffeeklatschen in Zoom oder im Webspace: catch up with your fellow students and other German learners/speakers via zoom or our webspace in German!)

WW       (Writing Workshop w. BabelGuide)

V.           (Verschiedenes (all other activities you do in German. By the way: how about Playing Animal Crossing in German?)

If you’re a bullet journal person, you can draw your own tracker – or use this one (non-artistic but functional): Mein Leben auf Deutsch April Tracker

You’re welcome to join our contest for the most hours spent in German from April to  end of July 2020 – just send an email to:

Viel Spaß beim Leben auf Deutsch – und bleiben Sie gesund!

Mit herzlichem Gruß –

Heike Fahrenberg, Director


Heike Fahrenberg

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