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on the Exploration Space of the Middlebury School in Germany. If you’re looking for fun ways to engage with German, you’ve come to the right place – start with browsing our books, movies, music and more selections, play language games, solve riddles of intercultural complexity and check out our Lifehacks for Study Abroad and Beyond before you even get to Germany.

Founded in Mainz in 1959, the Middlebury C.V. Starr School in Germany welcomes students with a well-developed proficiency in German on both the Undergraduate (B2) and Graduate level (B2 – C1). Its programs support students with supplementing their cultural and language immersion through co-curricular activities, program-funded excursions, and carefully selected internships (2nd semester) at three locations:

Aller Guten Dinge sind drei . . .

When deciding which location is right for you, don’t miss what our students had to say,  meet the team ready to support you with having a great study abroad experience:

And now, we’d like to invite you to start your pre-immersion experience and Get Ready for Germany by exploring our Lifehacks for Study Abroad and Beyond, by indulging yourself in students’ and staff’s favorite books, movies, music, TV shows, podcasts and more, check out recommended travel destinations and locations and activities at our students’ sites.

Practice your German by playing language games that highlight the fun of language subtleties that you might not have encountered in the classroom yet.

Get into the intercultural thinking mode by taking our Shortcut to Culture providing a deep dive into close cultural analysis and culture-riddles that will increase your understanding of both your own and your host culture before you get off the plane.

Last but not the least: if you want to make friends who are already in country, or if you want to stay in touch with former, current or future students on the program, make sure to join us on Facebook or Instagram!

For now, get ready to . . .

. . . Dive In:

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